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King of the Dead

by Aaron Wolf

King of the Dead.  Drawn on 9 x 12 inch watercolour paper with Micron 0.5mm pens.

This is a representation of the King of the Dead is human in form and his crown is composed of bones, thorns, pikes, dead trees, an Unkindness of Ravens, an assortment of moths, maggots, and abandoned, decomposing castle spires, all of which symbolise death.  The symbol in the centre of the crown is a representation of a maze into the centre of the mind and how once one passes from the existence of life there is an opening into a high plain, illustrated by the passage upward.  It is an allusion to a symbolic ascent described by religion but more importantly also to the existence of other plains of reality.  The inclusion of planets is to show that life is a universal concept and also that the universe is largely cold and dead and empty.

Aaron Wolf is located in Australia so to have this artwork shipped outside of Australia (the rest of the world) with tracking and insurance the shipping cost is $100USD.  Within Australia the cost is $50USD.

Height: 12 inches
Weight: 9 inches
Surface: Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 140 lb.

$500 $500

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