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Turn Down

by Scott Fischer

Turn Down was created with Pigma Micron Pens and FW Acrylic ink on Fabriano paper. Ships in the frame shown. Art: 13X13 corner to corner. Frame: 24X24 corner to corner.

Video of the creation of this piece can be seen on my instagram:

“Turn Down”
By: Scott M Fischer

We tune-in, so we can turn us down.
But inside our skin, smile = frown.

Who’d a thought we’d be so controlling,
beneath our crust, ambition gets lonely.

We swelter here in our shelter, protected from the rain.
While the youth beneath, sharpens it teeth,
waiting for the chance to gnaw the shell away.

I can’t live here inside you, another God damned day.

Inconceivable …we’re all deceivable,
we keep our dreams buried and locked away.

We’ve bought the conception, we gotta play the game.
But our truth beneath, has to be released.
And there’s no one else to blame.

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