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The Briar Elf

by Kelley Hensing

This figure emerged on his own, inspired from a skull (this one being a rabbit) I have from a collection of nature items. I love creating headpieces and this one is both beautiful but potentially dangerous. The dark druid elf has many tales to tell.

I wanted to include photos of this piece from sketch to finished painting, so you can find these listed below. The original sketch evolved in my notebook. Once I had the shapes and lighting figured out I re-drew the final more refined version onto brown paper, which I later mounted and sealed to masonite for painting.

My work often features antique and vintage frames. I’m always on the hunt for oval and more unusual shaped frames in little mom and pop shops during my road trips. The Briar Elf has one of these finds made of wood and painted in gold and black.

Product Width: 13
Product Height: 15"
Product Surface: Masonite
Product Framed: Yes

$375 $375

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