by Shawn E. Russell

I’ve always wanted to befriend a giant animal as a companion to ride, and adventure with. Learning about animals, and appreciating them through my artwork has been a lifelong passion.

The giant animal featured in this piece is a Clouded Leopard. It is the closest living relative to the Saber-Toothed Cat. Their canine teeth to skull size ratio is the largest of all big cats. Native to Southern Asia and are a critically endangered species.

Once thought extinct in Taiwan there have been several recent sightings of these incredible animals. So this piece is in part a celebration of their reemergence in that habitat as well as an expression of childhood dreams that can only be realized through my art.

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Shawn is an award winning fantasy and wildlife illustrator working in the American Midwest. She draws inspiration from nature, scuba diving, film and documentaries. Her work has been featured in Infected By Art, Spectrum, and has been nominated as a Chesley Award Finalist.