Seeking Zero-time

by Bud Cook

My inspiration for this piece came from the journal-artwork of the great Barron Storey. This portrait of Mr.Storey was included in a larger piece I created for “The Journal”, which was published earlier this year by the amazing Jon Schindehette. It was a dream to appear in this tome alongside some of my most favorite and revered artists. Barron Storey was one of George Pratt’s teachers and I was lucky to have been a student of George Pratt’s at the Illustration Academy in the summer of 2015. The title for this piece came from George Pratt’s blog, where he relates a term coined by Barron Storey which refers to the blissful moments sometimes achieved when artists are lost in the art-making process.

The term “Zero-time” is when the world falls away, time disappears and we are lost in creative bliss. Once you’ve experienced “Zero-time”, you find yourself ever chasing that blissful state of mind – thus the title “Seeking Zero-time”.

Acrylic, graphite and gesso on chip-board.
12″ x 11.5″

Product Height: 11.5"
Product Width: 12"
Product Medium: acrylic
Product Medium: graphite

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