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by Mike May

I have several ideas about the melding of man and tree. I’m finding it hard to explain, so I’ll leave it ambiguous for now. I’ll just say the idea started with an unquenchable life force. This drawing is an aspect of a story I wrote decades ago, and never shared, but still love.

Product Height: "8"
Product Width: 6"
Product Surface: Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Paper

$300 $300

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My career has so far been a mix of art for video games, table games, and misc. publications. I'm currently employed as a video game concept artist (TESO). I have a daughter who's also an artist (bethanyjaydeillustration on instagram), and the mom of my grandson, Max! I'm currently world-building around a melancholy theme, with a story and characters I'm fond of that I've not even told anyone about.