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Pynk / Janelle Monaé

by Kristina Carroll


9″ x 9″

oil on canvas

“It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender / An emotional, sexual bender”
-Janelle Monae (Song- You Make Me Feel)

I’ve been listening to and watching “Dirty Computer” at least a little every day since it came out. Janelle Monae is one of my absolute favorite musicians working right now. Not only is she a total SciFi nerd but she is completely unapologetic about who she is. The “Emotion Picture” She created to go along with “Dirty Computer” is like if Prince and Bowie co-wrote blade-runner. But it’s still 100% Monae. I would write more but I urge you to just go watch it yourself if you haven’t yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdH2Sy-BlNE

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