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Moonlight Serenade

by Nicholas Elias

“Understand the Night
When she flashes her sparkling eyes at dusk,
she flirts with Twilight.
When the noise of day dies away,
the Night and Twilight stay and stay,
making quiet love up high over the town.
And the gentle Twilight gives his light,
making a queen of Night.”

-Kurt Elling, Moonlight Serenade

Product Height: 10 inches
Product Width: 8 inches
Product Medium: Oil
Product Surface: Primed Panel

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Nicholas Elias is an illustrator based in Long Island, New York, approaching every piece with a focus on narrative and emotion. He has a passion for adventure and a love for history, culture and mythology. His aim as an artist is to ignite one’s imagination, engage with emotions empathetically, and transport the audience to another time and place.