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by Stephanie Inagaki

Even the lone wolf is in need of love, but it doesn’t know and has broken its end of the red thread of fate/love by not loving itself first, eyes closed in its own turmoil. However, it’s still entangled in it and unless it wakes up and opens its eyes, it will never know and see the beauty of the cherished memories and experiences surrounding itself – that it is full of exquisiteness and life.

This drawing is contiguous with my recent themes of love, loss, the subsequent grief and hope, my representation of corvids as Love & Loyalty, and the Japanese concepts of musubi and kintsukuroi. Musubi has numerous meanings from connecting people, representing the flow of time, knotting- which is also time, unraveling – breaking – connecting again. Kintsukuroi means golden repair or more popularly written as kintsugi – golden joinery, the idea to mend something with gold to repair and embrace the flaws.

This drawing is framed with museum glass, ready to hang with hooks included.

Product Medium: Charcoal
Product Medium: Watercolor
Product Surface: Rives BFK
Product Width: 9.75"
Product Height: 11.75"

$495 $495

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