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Dim Stars – Solemn (Fire Series)

by Scott Bakal

This is one of a series of seven graphite drawings called the ‘Fire Series’ first exhibited at the Helikon Gallery. The work subsequently won awards from various illustration competitions.

This piece ‘Solemn’ is a statement about the issues our society and that we must continue to protest.

Art and Framing: 8.5″x11″. This work is graphite on vintage paper and professionally framed with archival materials. The drawings are floated within a double mat.

History: I started creating this character and the Dim Stars world about 9 years ago they have been exhibited in galleries all around the U.S.. Various pieces have won awards from most of the major illustration competitions. The nine-piece series, ‘Dim Stars: Pollution’ was acquired by the New Britain Museum of American Art for their permanent collection.

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