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by Kelley Hensing

This piece is a tribute to my friends in the Steampunk community. If you’re not familiar with Steampunk, it’s history meets sci-fi, a future world shaped by steam power and gadgetry. This uniquely creative movement is often referred to as retro-futurism. Influences from a Victorian and Edwardian aesthetic blend with elements from goth and punk, using a wide array of inspirational outlets through music, art and culture.

I’m always hunting for triptych style frames, so I was excited to find this one in a shop during one of my road trips. It’s made of reddish-brown wood and stands on it’s own~ ideal as a centerpiece or on a mantle.


Product Framed: Yes
Product Height: 11.5
Product Width: 20
Product Medium: oil
Product Surface: panel

$395 $395

Out of stock