Before The Storm

by Ania Mohrbacher

My creative process is always a bit of a mystery to me.  Sometimes I can focus and finish a painting in few sittings.  Other images are more elusive, with inspiration striking in spurts every once in a while.  This was one of those elusive paintings, and it took few months to create.  Part of the image would grow, much like the flowers depicted in it, and then it would lie dormant, waiting for the right moment.   I’m happy that I was finally able to complete it, and share it with you.



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Ania Mohrbacher is an imaginative fantasy artist living and working in Chicago. She works in a variety of media ranging from watercolors and acrylics to a variety of digital tools. While some of her most iconic work is digital, her breadth of experience with watercolor comes to the forefront with her most recent series. She is currently working independently, creating work for self published projects and gallery shows.

Using classic fairy tale characters and themes, Ania builds enchanting moments of wonder and melancholy with a noticeably surreal bend. Every piece is infused with a style of unique organic pattern work that makes her drawings instantly recognizable. Her individual language of patterns and textures permeate every character and object in her worlds giving them a distinctly dreamlike quality.