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An Ode for the Loss

by Stephanie Inagaki

Losing someone to death, which is something you can’t control, and losing someone because you choose to leave, are two different experiences but the essence of the feeling of loss can feel similar when the love is unquestionable. It feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself, to say the least. It’s not as if that part grows back or you just attach something to it to fill the void, because that would be dismissive of your experiences. Over time, you learn to live with it, learn from it, grow from it, so that while you become a stronger and more compassionate person, you’re still honoring that love, the experiences, and relationship.

Framing courtesy of Museum Quality Framing. The drawing is ready to hang with museum glass, acid free backing, and spacers.

Product Framed: 6.5" x 14.5"
Product Height: 12"
Product Width: 4"
Product Medium: Charcoal
Product Medium: Watercolor
Product Surface: Rives BFK

$250 $250

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