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Amadioha (Dance of the Summoner V)

by Odera Igbokwe

Amadioha, keeper of lightning and thunder.

You are the axe that splits the sky.

Bring to us the horn of justice.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Amadioha (Dance of the Summoner V)

Acrylic on colored paper/board.

5 x 7 (fit to 8×10 matte)


This portrait is part of my fantasy world exploration that I’ve been doing for my patreon, Melanin Mythologies.
I’ve been reimagining classic RPG archetypes (Knight, Mage, Archer, etc), which has lead to envisioning the Summons/Deities (or Final Fantasy-esque Espers/Eidolons/Aeons) of this world.
Next in the series we have a portrait inspired by Amadioha, the Nigerian (Igbo) god of Thunder, Lightning, and Judgement.
Super excited to continue exploring the pantheon of nigerian-diasporic mythologies.

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