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A Shot in the Dark

by Stephanie Inagaki

This is a love letter to those who you most dearly love and cherish and all you want to do is envelope them in gigantic hugs, love, and protection when they are in the most amount of pain. But the best and most loving thing you could possibly do is to stand back and wait until they want to wake up themselves. No one can help unless one truly wants to help oneself.

The corvid protects the tiny, slumbering wolf pup with it’s wingspan, inaudibly suspended and protecting. The red thread of fate is just beyond reach and within reach but the pup won’t know unless it wakes itself up.

This drawing is contiguous with my recent theme of corvids which usually represents Love & Loyalty, the Japanese concepts of ‘musubi’ and the red thread of fate that ties and bonds us to people, and kintsukuroi which means golden repair or more popularly written as kintsugi – golden joinery, the idea to mend something with gold to repair and embrace the flaws.

The drawing is in an 11″ x 13″ frame with UV protection glass.

Product Medium: Charcoal
Product Medium: Watercolor
Product Surface: Rives BFK
Product Framed: 11"x13"
Product Width: 7.5"
Product Height: 9.5"

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