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by Allen Williams

“Look for that broken part, that shattered point…

and that is where the soul touches the sharp edge of reality.”

These are part of my Divine Imperfections Series.

Part of a series that I found myself involved in after it was already begun.


Within is a framed 5 x 7″ powdered graphite and pencil original on Ampersand claybord.

Product Framed: Yes
Product Height: 7"
Product Width: 5
Product Medium: pencil
Product Medium: powdered graphite
Product Surface: Ampersand Claybord

$500 $500

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Allen Williams is an award winning illustrator, concept artist and writer. From a young age he felt at home with a pencil in his hand drawing constantly. After starting college he found himself painting or drawing more than his assignments so he made the plunge and for over 25 years has applied his talents to everything from illustration for gaming companies, book covers, concept work for major motion pictures and television and personal work on display in galleries and shows across the United States, Europe and Asia.