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Month of Love is a collaborative art project started by Kristina Carroll and over the past 3 years has featured artists posting work throughout February. Kristina gathered dozens of artists to create daily work all around themes of love. But love isn’t all candy hearts and naked cherubs, and Kristina’s roster of artists have taken these themes to create unique insights into all aspects of the human, and sometimes inhuman, heart.We selected our 9 favorite works from this year’s project and gathered them here for you the EDO collector. We love the breadth of voice represented here, and frankly we’d love to keep them all ourselves. We thought we would give you a chance first.

Big thank you to Kristina for all her work every year making the Month of Love (and the October Month of Fear) a must-watch art phenomenon. Thank you to the Month of Love art crew for contributing your work to EDO, and welcome to the EDO roster!

Without further ado, EDO ♥ MoL!



by Kristina Carroll

5″ x 7″

Oil on illustration board. Framed.

Done for the 3rd annual Month of Love challenge on The challenge theme was “Forbidden Fruit”.

“Lilith” has always been one my favorite characters from ancient myth. (mainly hebrew, but versions of her seem to stem first from Sumeria)

The story is this:  Lilith was created before Eve out of the earth, like Adam, but refused to lay under him and was expelled from Eden. Depending on who you ask, she is either a goddess or mother of demons. Because love has so many dualities, I decided she should be both and neither.

$325 $325

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Carnal Knowledge

by Winona Nelson

Few stories have caused as much pain, grief, and violence as the one that says “Sex is wrong.”  Acrylic painting in antique frame.

Product Width: 7.5 inches
Product Height: 9.5 inches
Product Medium: acrylic
Product Surface: Illustration Board
Product Framed: Yes

$450 $450

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Pasiphae and the Bull

by Jenna Kass

Done for Month of Love’s final theme: Forbidden Fruits. I thought of Greek Mythology immediately. Most of the occasions of bestiality in the myths happen to be Zeus in disguise – but the Cretan bull was no veiled god, there was no grace in store for Pasiphaë, and no hero’s journey for her child, the Minotaur.

Dimensions given reflect framed image.

Product Width: 11
Product Height: 11
Product Medium: pencil
Product Surface: paper
Product Framed: matted
Product Framed: Yes

$150 $150

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Tam Lin

by Wylie Beckert

Original pencil/white charcoal drawing, illustrating the legend of Tam Lin for Month of Love 2014.

9×12″ (matted to 11×14)


Pencil and white charcoal on tinted paper

$300 $300

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Lancelot and Guinevere

by Michael Manomivibul

Lancelot and Guinevere, bound together but held apart by duty and oath to their King.

A piece for the Month of Love art challenge.

Product Width: 12 inches
Product Height: 9 inches
Product Medium: ink
Product Surface: paper

$280 $280

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Blood Diamond

by Shannon Knight

“Blood Diamond”
6 x 8 inches
watercolour, gouache, and acrylic on paper

This piece was completed for Month of Love 2015, for the theme “Diamonds” – a reflection on the ethical ramifications of the diamond industry.

This painting comes framed and ready to hang. Frame is available in black or white.

$250 $250

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