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Curator’s Picks

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We have had an exceptional month at EDO with lots of new members on our mailing list and lots of new collectors picking up great pieces.

Here are our April picks, three pieces we feel went above and beyond and are worth a second look. The first from Elliot Lang who has been using EDO as a testing ground for new media and stylistic approach to painting. The second from an EDO favorite Jeremy Wilson, bringing graphic elements to his buttery figure paintings. Finally, Greg Ruth, whose portrait of Mads Mikkelsen got the attention and approval of the actor himself!

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The Empress

by Jeremy Wilson

The transitions of the Empress.

An important transitional painting in my life and my first oil painting created for and offered on EveryDayOriginal.

Product Width: 9.5 Inches
Product Height: 7.25 Inches
Product Medium: oil
Product Surface: Masonite
Product Framed: No

$300 $300

Out of stock