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We have had another exceptional month at EDO with lots of new members on our mailing list and lots of new collectors picking up great pieces. Here are some more of our favorite pieces from the past few weeks, three pieces that are definitely worth a second look! First, be sure to check out a golden and knightly oil and acrylic painting from Winona Nelson. Next up we have a butterfly inspired portrait by Steven Russell Black. And last but not least, we have an exploratory piece from Scott Fischer (along with process of the image’s creation).

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Original Art by Winona Nelson
Original Art by Winona NelsonOriginal Art by Winona NelsonOriginal Art by Winona NelsonOriginal Art by Winona Nelson

The Golden Knight

by Winona Nelson

The mysterious Golden Knight won every tournament, but never revealed her name or face…

Width: 5 inches
Height: 7 inches
Medium: oil over acrylic
Surface: Illustration Board
Framed: Yes

$300 $300

Out of stock



by Steven Black

© Steven Russell Black
11″x 14″ Oils on cradled masonite

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go

through a great deal of darkness yet become

something beautiful

– Unknown


$462 $462

Out of stock



by Scott Fischer

This is the exploratory work for my painting, ‘The DNC’. It is FW ink on Duralar, working both sides of the translucent material. Custom mixed FW pigmented acrylic ink, applied with Nikko nib/dip pens an assortment of brushes then attacked with sandpaper to create volume and texture.

Visit my Instagram for a series of three videos documenting the creation of this piece.

Scott M Fischer Instagram

8X8, comes in the frame shown.

$450 $450

Out of stock

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