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Iris Compiet is a traditional artist and Illustrator from the Netherlands. At the age of seven, she knew exactly what she wanted to do: paint and draw fantastical beings. Now she does exactly that by working on projects ranging from picture books to gallery art and even sculpting her own frames.

Storytelling and creating a sense of wonder is an essential part of Iris’ artwork. As an artist she lures in the spectator and expands their imagination. Iris is the creator of Faeries of the Faultlines, a book that was successfully funded through Kickstarter and became the center piece of her Patreon.

Drawing inspiration from European folklore, mythology, fairytales, ghost stories and anything from tombstones, Victorian photography to popular movies and music Iris explores the depths of darkness to find the light.

Iris Compiet Faeries of the Fault Lines EDO Auctions

Let me tell you about Faeries, let me take you away on a journey, an adventure…

The Faultlines is an ancient name given to those places where the veil between This world and the Other is thinnest. It is the place where faeries dwell, creatures creep and magic oozes through the cracks. Recently the Faultlines have been stirring, opening up to all who wish to see and to all who dare to venture… 

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