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Sam Flegal - EDO Auction bio
Sam Flegal has been a freelance Illustrator since 2009. Working for book covers, hobby games, movie concept art, the History Channel, and private collectors. Sam loves to focus on exaggerated expressions and vibrant colors and his preferred mediums are oil paint and ink.
In his personal work Sam depicts scenes from Norse Lore, a series called “Fateful Signs,” that delves deep into the ancient lore of the Norse, bringing to light the insights of our ancestors in a way that connects to the emotional experience of modern people. Sam’s work from “Fateful Signs” was featured in the History Channel show True Monsters.
Recently Sam has had great success with “The Illustrated Hávamál,” and “The Illustrated Völuspá” both of which are over a thousand year old Viking poetry in the original Old Norse pared with an English translation for ease of reading. Each book is a hardcover cloth bound manual with over 100 pages that explores the meaning behind this ancient collection of Norse wisdom and prophecy through a series of around one hundred meditative ink drawings.

“Runes shalt thou find, and fateful signs,
That the king of singers colored,
And the mighty gods have made;”
– From the Hávamál, Bellows Translation

To learn more about Sam’s work be sure to check out his site Visit Fateful Signs a collection of oil paintings exploring the various legends and traditions of the ancient Germanic people.

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