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Rob Rey strives to paint inspiring science in poetic ways. Through countless mythological traditions, humanity has proven to have a deep-seated need for awe-inspiring stories and the experience of wonder. With a powerful resonance, mythological stories provide a framework for understanding where we fit in our communities, and in our cosmos. They can also give us a feeling of shared connection and participation with the rest of humanity, helping us to show our more caring and compassionate side. What are the resonant, positive, and awe-inspiring stories of today? How can our expanding scientific knowledge provide a myth-like enchantment with the natural world and grow our empathic interests toward our fellow humans? Exploring these questions visually, Rob hopes to promote or create the stories that best help us to achieve these goals.

As a gallery artist, Rob has received many awards, including Best of Show in the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society’s Annual Best of America Exhibition. Rob is also a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America. As an illustrator, Rob has worked for clients such as Dungeons & Dragons, New York Observer, and Penguin Books. He has received Gold Awards from both the Spectrum Fantastic Art and Infected by Art annual publications.

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