Stephanie Inagaki on EDO Auctions

Next Auction July 16th-18th

Stephanie Inagaki - EDO Auctions
Stephanie Inagaki is a multifaceted artist, creating fine art drawings, sculptures, jewelry and accessories through her company Miyu Decay. She received her BFA from Boston University’s College of Fine Art and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.
She draws inspiration from personal experience and her Japanese cultural background to visually synthesize it into her own mythology through symbolic and surrealistic realism. Strong female figures, hair, and corvids are frequently used to express concepts of love, life/death, loss, the mystical and divine, grief, strength, resilience, and hope.
Stephanie Inagaki - EDO auctions

Apparitions II by Stephanie Inagaki
2017. Charcoal. 25 x 42.25 inches.

Stephanie has been an artist on Every Day Original since our beginnings, and each month we look forward to her mixed media drawings that combine an ethereal sense of mystery, darkness, and playfulness. Her auction piece this month takes those same threads from her monthly Every Day Originals, and takes the emotion and narrative to an even richer and deeper resonance.


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