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The Queen of Emerald Fire

by Jim Pavelec

This is my first piece completed on a chemically verdigris copper plate. I have been experimenting with surfaces over the past year or two, and this one turned out to be fantastic. Chemical verdigris is achieved by using various amounts of ammonia, vinegar, and salt on bare copper. Increasing the amount of individual components can make the surface very blue/green or very gray, depending on the desired outcome. Once the liquids dry the plate is mounted to plywood, and then sealed with shellac.

For this piece I began the painting directly on the surface with no drawing. I just let the paint guide me. The process was immensely gratifying.

The piece is 9″ x 12″, unframed.

Product Width: 9
Product Height: 12
Product Medium: oil
Product Surface: Copper Plate

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